Oil Cooler Kits & Accessories

If you are looking to take control of your engine oil temperatures then choosing the right oil cooler kit for your car is vital. There are many points to remember before making such a purchase, such as:

• What space is available to mount your oil cooler and what size corer would you like to run?
• How easily accessible is your oil filter in order to fit a sandwich plate for your lines?
• What length oil lines will you need to reach from the engine to your oil cooler core?
• Do you want your cooler circuit constantly open (which can lead to excessively long warm up periods resulting in premature engine wear when used as a daily) or is it for a race car where engine oil temperatures are achieved exceptionally fast?
• Would you like the ability to run oil temp or pressure sensors from your oil cooler plate?
• whats the ideal angle you need to run your oil cooler lines from when going away from your engine?

All the above points need to be considered carefully before rushing out to buy your oil cooler kit, after all an external oil cooler has to perform a very important job, carrying oil outside of the engine, cooling it efficiently and then returning it back into the engine block at a lower temperature. Should your core or lines fail at any point the results can be catastrophic, from engine failure to fire risks.