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Here at Advanced Automotive we offer top branded engine and performance parts allowing our customers to create reliable and powerful units to meet today's demanding needs, be it for an every day road or a highly boosted track car.

    Our Subaru performance engines are the result of an uncompromising design approach that integrates innovation and many years of dedicated experience which we apply to every build, we are continuously improving and raising the standards and set no limits. It is because of this that all of our engines are given the same attention to detail and built to the same highest standards regardless of application and power requirements. We will take you through a step by step and detailed analysis of your engine requirements and guide you to the best possible solution and always at a fair and competitive cost.

   We have over many years been developing our own purpose built 2.1 and 2.3 engine packages and to date achieved over 840 bhp with total reliability and yes, from a 2.124 litre engine, the same components are regularly used by us in all of our engines, be it a 2.0 litre or a 2.5 litre. All of the parts we use have been chosen to give us the confidence to offer these levels of performance and reliability and last but not least, many of our genuine
. We stock many leading brands and our mission is to supply our customers with everything they require and to give help and support the best we can.
For the non Subaru drivers we also specialise in ''Ford'' Engines such as: Ford X/flow Pinto Cosworth all of which we have many years experience and again using the same quality engine parts

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